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Time for another lube review and this time we are looking at the Glow in the Dark Personal Lubricant from Four Seasons. This is another cheap and cheerful supermarket lube. Now I know what you are thinking here. Glow in the dark lube? No way am I putting that anywhere near my junk. We were somewhat dubious as well. Regular readers will know that we are into organic and natural. Glow in the dark sounds more like chemical soup than something you want to put anywhere delicate.

Fear not though. After reading the fine print on the label, it's the tube that glows, not the lube. The lube itself is fairly conventional. A glow in the dark tube sounds like a gimmick but it's amazing just how useful that is. If you have ever been in the middle of the action with the lights out and needed some more lube, you will understand. No need to stop the action and play hunt the lube. No need to put the lights back on. The glow in the dark tube lets you find it instantly. In fact it glows so much we had to put it away in a cupboard afterwards so it didn't keep us awake. So the tube works but how does the lube perform as a lube?

As usual we started with regular sex. The lube is on the thicker end of the spectrum. Not quite a gel but not really runny either. It did pretty well. Nice and slippery but did need re-applying after a while. The main problem was the next morning as it leaves things a bit sticky. 6/10.

Next we grabbed our standardised test toy - Mrs Dave's favourite wooden dildo and set to work. The thicker texture worked pretty well here. It stayed where it was put and lubed up the action pretty well. It did dry out fairly quickly though and the sticky feeling next morning was not good. Again a solid 6/10.

Solo was next. Mrs Dave and I lubed up and went for it. It's not a bad wanking lube. We both found that it worked well but again it did dry out pretty quickly. Especially on me. 6/10 again.

Finally it was the anal test. We lubed up Mrs Dave's little vibrating plug and slipped it in. I had a go as well with one of my plugs. The thicker lube works nicely for anal and we gave it a solid 7/10.

Overall it's a pretty solid performer. Works well, nicely slippery but doesn't last very well and leaves you sticky next day. We'll give it a 6/10 but it gets an extra point for the glowing tube for a final score of 7/10.

You can buy Glow In The Dark Personal Lubricant here through Wild Secrets in Australia.

You can buy Glow In The Dark Personal Lubricant here through Femplay in Australia.

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