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The other night we watched an old classic that we've had for years - The Budding of Brie. Made in 1980 by Henri Pachard (also directed Devil in Miss Jones II) and written by Doris Barrow (who was editor on Private Afternoons of Pamela Mann), this was made at the tail end of the golden age of porn, but I'd forgotten just how well made this film is. The Budding of Brie is set in 1952 and follows the story of an aspiring starlet - Brie Livingstone; according to some it is a remake of the Hollywood classic, All About Eve.

Named for the can of cheese which saved her father's life in the Spanish Civil War, Brie (Hillary Summers, last seen by us in Flesh Gordon) is a wanna-be actress. The film opens with her receiving a coveted "Eileen" - a New York film award, named for the restaurant, "Eileen's", owned by Eileen (Cami Graham, last seen in Barbara Broadcast and Devil in Miss Jones II) which is where the awards ceremony is held each year. Hosted by Simon Egremont (Jake Teague), a notorious film critic, the story then flashes back to what led Brie to receiving this award.

Brie starts as a waitress in the very same Eileen's, waiting on a table where movie star Diana Farnsworth (Jennifer Jordan, last seen in Anyone But My Husband and Farewell Scarlett) and her press agent, Ira Daniels (Richard Bolla, last seen in The Devil in Miss Jones II) are sitting. Diana storms off in a huff and Brie announces to Ira that she'd do *anything* to become an actress. "Anything?", he asks. "Anything", she replies. Cue our first sex scene - her blowing him in the kitchen at Eileen's (surprising lack of staff in there) then fucking him.

That first fuck gets her introduced to Diana, who promptly decides that young Brie looks like just what she needs as a secretary/general factotum and to help her rehearse her lines when her husband Nicky de Rococco (Eric Edwards, also in Anyone But My Husband, Debbie Does Dallas, Farewell Scarlett, Memories Within Miss Aggie and Private Afternoons of Pamela Mann) is away. Brie moves in with them and studies Diana. Closely. Very closely.

She watches Diana and Nicky together, including a sex scene where he asks Diana for a "hot water blow job" - a mouthful of tea and then sucking him. "But only streetwalkers and Orientals do that!" was her horrified reply. His assurance that he will love and respect her even more convinces her to give it a go. Much to his intense enjoyment. But after he has fucked her for a while he then decides that he wants her to blow him to completion. Now I'm sorry, but kneeling between the legs of a prone woman and then expecting her to curl up and blow you simply isn't physically possible. As Nicky discovered. And Diana was pissed off that he came on her nightie.

Anyway, Brie proceeds to fuck her way through a succession of Diana's family, friends and colleagues, including her husband Nicky and best friend, Cassie Merrymount (Laurien Dominique). Eventually she cooks up a plan with Simon to get her a minor part in Diana's latest film, by making supporting actress Sabrina (Kandi Barbour) not show up for filming. In a dastardly date-rape situation, Brie puts a drug in Sabrina's drink (with the help of Simon) and Sabrina ends up fucking all three members of the cool jazz band playing in the club they were in. Brie fucks Simon in the back of his Rolls Royce, while the driver (who was told to stand outside, but could watch if he wanted) stands in the rain, patiently smoking cigarette after cigarette as he waits for them to finish. This was the longest sex scene and featured oral of both types, fucking and anal (using lots of Vaseline - no fancy lubes in 1952). I have to say at this point, even in a Rolls, sex in cars looks damned uncomfortable. Anyway, Sabrina fails to turn up for the shoot the next morning and Brie sweet-talks her way into the film where she out-acts Diana, much to Diana's disgust.

Eventually, after more fucking and conniving, Brie manages the ultimate screw - screenwriter Lovell Merrymount (Rick Iversen), who is supposed to be gay (although married to Cassie in order to cover it up) and is the writer of Diana's newest film. He tells her that Cassie has the ultimate say on who is in the picture and after more blackmail, Cassie lets Brie have the part instead of Diana.

Flash forward to the present and Brie coyly, but smugly, accepts her award, thanking all those who helped her along the way, much to the chagrin of the women and the delight of the men present.

Finally, Brie is having lunch with her director, Norman (a young, slim, but still very hairy, Ron Jeremy, last seen in pretty much everything) and haranguing him to direct the movie the studio (and she) wants - a two piece swim-suit film, not what he wants - another Western. She storms off in a huff and we see the waitress (Christine De Shaffer) all dewy-eyed about the film star Brie Livingstone and saying she'd do anything to be like her. "Anything?", he asks. "Anything", she replies. And our final sex scene is a repeat of the first, but with Ron displaying what made him famous. And so the wheel turns.

This is an amazing film. It is well directed, well scripted, and well cast. The costuming is unbelievable - I think they must have either raided charity shops for the dresses (and underwear - all 1950s corsets and girdles), or alternately the wardrobe dept of a big movie house. The sex fits in the context of the story and the jazz that forms most of the backing track is great. Some of the sex scenes are a little rushed, but if you are watching it as a film with sex in it, rather than just a fuck flick, then it is fine. If you just want something to wank to, then it isn't going to work for you. But if you want story with your porn, this is a great choice.

You can buy The Budding of Brie here through Good Vibrations in the USA.

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