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This is one of the first full length features from Aussie all girl specialists Abby Winters. Basic premise - two girls get together, start making out, have sex, giggle a lot.

The girls are young (they would be at least 18 as from memory that's the minimum age for appearing in porn down here) and attractive. Abby winters specialises in the girl next door types. I think they recruit from the universities in Sydney and Melbourne. They are a bit skinny for me. I don't like to see ribs but hey, that's just me.

The making out is nice but I found the schoolgirly giggling really annoying after a few minutes.

The sex was good (in a giggly schoolgirl type of way). They weren't really going for it but they were having a good time. If my memory serves me correctly one of them was REALLY flexible too. The blurb on the box said they had been "lovers for some time".  Somehow I really don't think so. Unless "some time" means the 5 minutes they had to get to know each other before shooting started.

All in all not a bad film if you're into young, skinny, giggly, lesbians.

For me though I prefer the other one of their films that I have. It is called intimate moments and its just single girls masturbating. No setup, just a girl and a bed (and in one scene a pot of vasolene). I really like this movie. Girls masturbating is my second favorite thing ever. I could watch it all day. The only thing better is eating pussy. I could seriously eat nothing but pussy all week. I'd be hungry.. but very happy.

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